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He was born in Trabzon in 1971. Primary education in 24 Şubat primary school, Cumhuriyet secondary school, the Trabzon High School, completed his high school education. Karadeniz Technical University Faculty of Medicine, won the university exams. After graduating from the Faculty of Medicine, respectively, as a general practitioner Artvin State Hospital Emergency Service, Hospital Emergency Room doctor did Akçaabat State. Specialized Test and won the Black Sea Technical University School of Medicine Brain and Nervous Surgery. Brain tumors and expertise throughout the life of the need for specialized, low back aches, arachnoid cysts, brain hemorrhages and aneurysms issues, mainly made 17 international publications. International publications were used as reference in many domestic and foreign magazines. 6 article in the National, as oral presentations at 5 international, national research has provided close to 100 as an oral presentation. There are three pieces of research in international arbitrations. Spine surgery, hernia surgery, cervical disc, lumbar spinal stenosis, spine fractures, neck, spinal stenosis, brain surgery performed thousands of issues, mainly bleeding.
Based on ethical values, love and respect, and integrated and development in the foreground exhibits an understanding of medicine, married and the father of a child as his Gokalp Karaarslan Ceyline Neurosurgery Specialist Hospital on 12 November 2009 at the Afyon Government Hospital on his July 14, 2011 separated. Opium as a private PARKHAYAT of Neurosurgery Specialist Hospital (Red Hospital) has continued to serve.

* Primary school teacher training side I BULAM Emine, all middle and high school teachers, who teach the requirements for being a good doctor and the side of my teachers training college Prof.Dr.Süleyman BAYKAL, Prof.Dr.Kayhan KUZEYLİ, Prof.Dr.Haydar USUL and Assoc. Dr. Ertugrul ÇAKIR infinite thanks, and my love to send my best regards.

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